Life @ Freebird

KNOCK KNOCK!!! May I come in sir!!!
This you might have seen in many organizations! But, at Freebird, we follow the open door policy. Forget those KNOCK KNOCK!

Forget sir. We at Freebird, have no position boundaries. Everyone holds the same value & respect as what the CEO does! So forget sir, boss, manager,...! We are developing a culture to make our employees more comfortable working with us.

CEO takes a lot of effort to plan and organize the work that suits your capacity and our deadlines. Our team follows a 30-minutes tradition of playing indoor Games during the work hours to relax and remain stress-free.

Initiatives By Freebird

Every Employees of all generations care greatly about achieving a proper Work/Life balance, making it an important part of any culture campaign.
Our employees will love spending time doing something new, so company is always stand for them to make good iniriatives for our nature and our culture.

Since 2012

Save Birds Let them Fly

Save Birds Let them Fly

At The Freebird, We also believe in taking efforts to save Animals in whatever manner we can.Save birds Initiative was undertaken by us inorder to create the awareness among the members of the City to avoid Flying Kites using Strings that can harm Birds, even Kill them. In the city of Rajkot Kite Flying festival is celebrated on 14th of Jan every year.

We tried to spread the message among Kids as they are the Pioneers of Tomorrow.We also tried to Motivate Teenagers against using Harmful strings.

During our Journey we worked along with karuna Foundation from Rajkot and due to their Cooperation we have been able to spread the message to a reasnoably large Crowd.

Today the Number of Kites Flown are reducing thus savings Birds.
We are not against Kite Flying ,its when we use Harmful Strings that may Cut them Badly that their Life Becomes Miserable.

An Attempt to Save Birds During Uttarayan

Love Kite Flying ?? Yes we all do……

Lets not forget that In this moments of joy, we also kill.

Kill the birds and if not kill them we atleast take away their hopes to fly again.

Lets decide this uttarayan who should fly ??? Lets ensure right service in rendered at the right time.

Be Kind !!!

Behind Freebird

Bhavik A. Kothari

Founder & CEO - The Freebird

Mr. Bhavik Kothari, an Entrepreneur, has been into the business for the past 8 years. He masters the ability to solve the problems that help his team to grow and progress in difficult situations.

Making things look easy is an art that he masters.
A Futuristic Vision, Innovative Implementation, and Thoughtful Risk to achieve Success is what Defines Mr. Bhavik Kothari.

True Strength of Freebird

The combined power of perfection and wittiness is something you will observe at Freebird. In the last 8 years, the team has always focussed on quality work.

The developers have always met the timelines and we have never denied in any of our duties even after the project submission.

Wanna Join Your Dream Team?

Free to do your analysis and taking a decision on the basis of your analysis - This is what Freebird gives you as an employee of Freebird. You are given an opportunity to be self-dependent. This will help you to tackle and compete against the fast-growing world.

Don’t miss out to grab any opportunity to join Freebird. We will be waiting for you!